Start Your Home Improvements By Cleaning With Products That Are Green-based

It is actually possible to diminish the value of your home, including its market value and structural value, if it is not cleaned regularly. The cleanliness of your home really does affect these factors. If you do decide to clean your house, there are correct ways to do so. Harsh chemicals are typically used when people clean their homes. This is bad. It has a detrimental effect on the structure of our home as well as the health of the people who are living in it. The answer to this problem is to use green cleaning methods that will help you get the job done. To get you started in the right direction, we wrote this article.

Did you know you could avoid using ammonia-based cleansers when cleaning glass surfaces? Knowing this information is not what the Windex Corp wants you to know. In regard to your lungs, ammonia is detrimental. Clean shiny windows are great to have, but not at the expense of your health; ammonia-based products can do you great harm. Is it possible to have spotless windows yet use only green cleaning products? Make a spray out of water and lemon juice. By mixing half a gallon of water with 4 tablespoons of lemon juice, you will have a green solution. Mix well. Now just put this mixture into a spray bottle and start cleaning your mirrors and windows. It is important to not use paper towels. Cleaning your windows has never been easier! Just wipe with a cotton rag to make them squeaky clean.

If you start putting shields in your drains, they won’t get plugged up with gunk, and you won’t need chemical laden cleaners to open them up. They are very inexpensive, and come in various sizes, which should fit your drain. If you have ever used a cooking strainer, you know what their mesh resembles.

What they do is catch the hair and solids before they go down the drain to cause a build-up, by being inserted into the mouth of the drain. The best way to keep your pipes clean, is to use both baking soda and vinegar as drain cleaners. Being natural products they are good for the environment, and the baking soda is used to clean out the gunk, and then it is all washed down by the vinegar.

Your home can become a literal green home by bringing in a bunch of green plants. People buy houseplants for their looks, but they are more important than that. Their main work is to purify the air and be an air filter. Some plants work better than others for having cleansing properties, and these include English Ivy, peace lilies, spider plants and rubber plants, not plants made out of rubber. These plants are miracle workers by exchanging toxins in the air, and giving off oxygen instead. Eighteen plants will work better than twelve if your house is around 1800 square feet in size. Plants are much better environmentally in cleaning your home than air filters and purifiers. A lot of people spend a lot of time cleaning, but they never really get anything clean. Not only is it healthy, but living in a house that is constantly given a thorough cleaning, will brighten your attitude. Using green cleaning techniques makes the process even better both for your health and the health of your home.

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